PRODUCTION     SA-MO BIONATURA offers you the best of both conventional and organic canned products.  We offer a year – round availability of a wide range of products which are at the same time tasty, fresh and of high quality at an affordable price. Understanding the importance of high quality raw fruits and vegetables, we produce our own raw materials or purchase them from local suppliers whose farms are located 20 to 30 km from our processing facility. The products are then handpicked and processed in the shortest period possible.      PROCESSING      In our company we owe our success mainly to the distribution of quality products, by retaining the flavor and the visual impact of the products. In order to make sure that the natural character and quality are preserved, we apply the latest food safety and quality management standards but we also employ very strict measures toward minimizing the effect on the environment. By doing so, we maintain the long-term quality of our products and we extend their shelf-life. Additionally, our company relies on traditional processing and gentle craft preparation methods in the entire production process.
SA-MO Bionatura Blatec Macedonia